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Welcome to our website to keep you up to date on Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy Program issues. This website has all of the articles available in the Pharmacy News and Views Newsletter, and links to the Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy Program Advisories and Program website.

Live Educational Meetings

Continuing Medical Education and Pharmacy Continuing Education Seminar

Pain Management and Beyond 

October 14, 2017
St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore

A video of the presentations
will be posted when available. Check back soon.


  • Provide an overview of safety concerns related to opioid use in Maryland, specifically regarding the risk of overdose, including the medication combinations that put recipients at a higher risk of overdose.

  • Provide education related to national guidelines available to aid providers in the safe and effective prescribing of opioids, while minimizing the risk of overdose, abuse or diversion.

  • Provide specific examples, using a case-based approach, of challenges faced by healthcare providers in Maryland when managing pain or opioid-related disease states.


  • Appropriate Prescribing of Opioids, Howard Hoffberg, MD, pain management specialist. Objectives:

    •  Provide concise review of opioid therapies 

    •  Promote awareness of and critically review CDC guidelines for chronic pain management

    •  Discuss the 10 universal precautions for pain management

    •  Discuss recommendations regarding tapering opioids

    • Improve decision making ability regarding safe opioid prescribing

    • Provide risk stratification techniques to promote quality care to patients on chronic opioid therapy

    • Understand the role of patient education and informed consent in opioid therapy

    • Successfully implement patient education and informed consent principles into current practice for patient on opioid therapy

  • Management of Opioid Use Disorders, Christopher Welsh, MD, addiction medicine, UMSOM. Objectives:

    • Define addiction, dependence, pseudoaddiction and substance use disorder

    •  Compare and contrast medications used in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs 

    • Discuss the role of urine drug testing for MAT

    •  Develop a substance use disorder treatment plan

  • Regulatory Updates for the State of Maryland, Lisa Burgess, MD, CMO, Maryland Department of Health. Objectives:

    • Learn about Marylandís Opioid Legislation

    • Learn about Maryland Opioid DUR policies and Preliminary Outcomes 

    • Learn about Maryland Medicaidís SUD Initiatives and Outcomes  

Program Sponsorship

This program is co-sponsored by the Maryland Department of Health, Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy Program, Saint Agnes Hospital, Inc. and Health Information Designs, LLC . 


Previous Seminar

Updates in Pain Management: A focus on effective pain management and new safety concerns, is available to view online. Click here


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