In an effort to give timely notice to the pharmacy community concerning important pharmacy topics, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s (DHMH) Maryland Pharmacy Program (MPP) has developed the Maryland Pharmacy Program Advisory.

To expedite information timely to the pharmacy and prescriber communities, an email network has been established which incorporates the email lists of the Maryland Pharmacists Association, EPIC, CARE, Long Term Care Consultants, headquarters of all chain drugstores and prescriber associations and organizations. It is our hope that the information is disseminated to all interested parties. If you have not received this email through any of the previously noted parties or via DHMH, please contact the MPP representative at 410-767-1455.

View Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy Program advisories here.

For further provider information, including forms, program updates and fee schedules, view Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy Program here.


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