The Corrective Managed Care (CMC) Program has been established in an effort to identify patients who may be utilizing excessive quantities of controlled substances, especially when multiple prescribers and pharmacy providers are involved.

Each month specific patients are identified utilizing criteria that evaluate overuse of controlled substances. Approximately 300 patients are reviewed each month. Once a patient is identified, their drug and diagnosis history is reviewed by a clinical pharmacist and a determination is made whether an educational intervention letter should be sent to all prescribers and pharmacy providers for the patient.

Intervention letters are mailed along with a complete drug and diagnosis history profile and a response form asking the provider to indicate what action may be taken with regard to the patient's drug therapy. If after repeated intervention letters are mailed, the patient's drug utilization does not improve, they can be restricted to a single pharmacy in an effort to reduce possible misuse or diversion.

For more information regarding the CMC program please contact the CMC Pharmacist at 410-767-5945.

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